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Choose Good Men Moving As Your Mover in Edmonton

Good Men Moving is a family-owned company that has been in business in the Edmonton area since 2007, and is operated by a team of big strong moving experts that have been in the moving industry for over 25+ years. We specialize in professional residential and commercial moving services in the local Edmonton area, and surrounding Edmonton and Alberta area - such as Leduc, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, and Fort Saskatchewan.

Edmonton Movers | Professional & Hassle-Free

Good Men Moving offers the most expert service there is at an affordable cost. We have moved the average apartment, done small moves, and even completed high-rise office moves - some even being moves for several famous Edmonton celebrities.

Customer Value & Respect and All Your Moving Needs

We treat everyone with the highest level of respect and professionalism, and back our moving with a full customer satisfaction guarantee.

After all, we do work for you.
Good Men Moving | Movers Edmonton
Competitive Pricing for Moving in Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Moving Reviews From Our Customers


Dec 12th, 2023

Responsive & Fast Service

Super helpful team. Needed help to lift a 420 pound doorstep delivery into my home before it would start raining - and they came by the hour. Very professional, calm and efficient. Can only recommend. Very nice people on top.
movers edmonton reviews good men moving

Tanya Ulmer

Nov 28th, 2023

Experienced & Seasoned Movers

Hire John & Jay (Edmonton area) to see some pretty cool tricks for blocking doors open or carrying nattresses! They’re super fast & friendly (especially to cats!), and all for a reasonable cost. Be sure to book well in advance and make sure you got a confirmation number!
movers edmonton reviews good men moving

Madison Dirk

Nov 28th, 2023

Professional & Trustworthy Movers

Absolutely amazing service!!! Made the moving process so easy and seamless. We’re very professional, timely, trustworthy and great communication. Got me booked within a weeks notice! Definitely will be using them for any moving needs in the future! Would definitely recommend 10/10. Thank you so much Good Men Moving Co!!!!
movers edmonton reviews good men moving

Tynan Hilsabeck

Nov 21st, 2023

The Best Stress-Free Movers

I can not give these guys high enough stars, they are absolutely the BEST! They are personal and greet you with a great attitude and a smile. They are quick and efficient , fantastic. If ever need it again, I wont bother to look anywhere else.....Moving is always so stressful , for a first time using a company it was easy, and stress free. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

Local Edmonton Movers | Moving Services

When it comes to local moving services in Edmonton, our team excels in residential moving, furniture delivery, appliance moving, and even last-minute moving services. We prioritize efficiency and quality, using strategic loading techniques and high-quality equipment to handle items with care and protection. Whether you're relocating to a new home or office, our moving solutions can be tailored to diverse needs with transparent pricing policies and a commitment to client satisfaction.

Residential Moving

At Good Men Moving, our experienced professionals can deliver a wide range of residential moving services unique to homes, condos, and apartments in the Edmonton area. We provide useful packing tips, storage solutions, decluttering tips, and guidance for relocating with pets. Our services guarantee a stress-free moving day with customized plans, attentive service, furniture protection, and specialized item handling, to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

Furniture Moving

Our expert Edmonton movers specialize in furniture disassembly and reassembly services so you can take the worry and difficult tasks off your list. We prioritize furniture protection using pads, stretch wrap, and floor runners for cautious transportation. Using efficient handling and specialty equipment, we secure the safe movement of heavy and high-value items. Our tailored solutions cater to specific furniture moving needs such as offering in-home and house staging services for a professional touch.

Furniture Delivery

Good Men Moving is proud to offer efficient and reliable local furniture delivery services with expert care and fast delivery. Our experienced and strong moving guys can handle furniture disassembly, loading, and unloading with careful handling techniques. We guarantee efficient transport and offer assembly services, all while prioritizing furniture protection. You can trust our reliable professionals for stress-free furniture deliveries within the area.

Appliance Moving

Our movers in Edmonton can move your appliances and transport a variety of appliances safely and with care. We excel in appliance protection, handling, heavy lifting, precision moving, and safe transportation. Our experienced team is trained to use proper equipment and techniques to guarantee your refrigerators, freezers, and washing and drying machines are relocated securely and meet your unique requirements.

Last Minute Moving Services

Our moving guy's expertise in last-minute moving services sets us apart as the go-to choice for urgent relocations in Edmonton. From last-minute packing to emergency storage solutions, we offer quick relocation assistance with urgent moving helpers. We know unexpected things happen, and we'll be there to move your belongings to their new location in Edmonton with express services. We are reliable, local, and ready to help!

Emergency Edmonton Movers

Our emergency movers in Edmonton swiftly respond to urgent relocation needs with top-rated service and care. We have quick responses, temporary storage solutions, and emergency assistance for any urgent relocation requirements. Our movers put a focus on efficiency and detail by providing inventory management and securely handle your belongings during emergency situations. We come highly recommended from past customers in a pinch!

Mini Moves | Small Moves

Our team at Good Men Moving specializes in mini moves and small moves with safe packing, quick delivery, and reliable service. No matter how small the move, we can help. Our attention to detail and commitment to providing a seamless moving process sets us apart, enabling us to deliver exceptional service every time.

Apartment Movers Edmonton

Moving into or from apartments can be a duanting task, that's why a moving company in Edmonton should be your first choice. Our apartment movers are pros when it comes to the unique challenges of tight corners, small spaces, climbing apartment stairs and using elevators while handling fragile items. Our experienced movers guarantee a stress-free and organized moving experience for apartment dwellers in Edmonton.

Professional Edmonton Moving Services

We specialize in offering professional moving services in Edmonton, accommodating various needs such as office moves, labor assistance, and corporate relocations. Our skilled team guarantees a smooth shift for commercial and residential clients alike. With a focus on professionalism and customer satisfaction, we deliver high-quality services customized to each unique requirement.

Office Moving Pros

Our office moving pros in Edmonton specialize in providing a smooth and efficient relocation moving service that's tailored specifically for offices and businesses in the area. We've moved Google offices and Amii offices in Edmonton, Alberta. Our moving pros expertly handle office equipment, furniture, and sensitive documents, making us a trusted choice for office moves in Edmonton. Good Men Moving's office moving solutions specialize in office organization, business relocation, workplace efficiency, commercial changes, and corporate moves.

Commercial Moving

Good Men Moving offers commercial relocations in Edmonton, AB Canada and has solutions for businesses of all sizes, ensuring a smooth shift with minimal disruptions. our services include office relocation, commercial transport, business transfers, corporate relocations, and workplace changes. We've moved box stores such as West49 and others with fast and reliable moving results. We make sure to keep track of all desk supplies and equipment to minimize downtime and stress, ensuring a seamless switch to new office spaces.

Corporate Moving

Managing a corporate move in Edmonton demands strategic planning and seamless execution to deliver minimal disruptions. Office relocations, corporate changes, business relocations, workplace moves, and company transfers all require meticulous attention to detail. We've moved law offices such as Stadnyk Law in Edmonton, Alberta. Our expertise ensures a smooth shift, mitigating downtime and maximizing productivity during this critical period of change. Trust Good Men Moving to handle your corporate move with precision and care.

Packing Services

When it comes to packing for your move in Edmonton, rest assured that our team prioritizes efficient and secure handling of your personal items. We use high-quality materials and expertly organize and label your items for space optimization. We recommend using our packing services to offer time-saving benefits, allowing you to focus on other moving tasks. We treat your belongings like our belongings, so you can trust us for a smooth shift with our management over your fragile and keepsake items.

Unpacking Services

Good Men Moving employ careful unpacking methods to set up furniture and organize belongings swiftly. We recommend opting in for our unpacking services, it is an excellent time-saving solution during your moving process. Make unpacking a seamless part of your move when you have a mover from our team focus on reassembly of furniture and other large items. It's a perfect choice for when you're done unboxing because your major items will be set up and let you make your new space your own.

White Glove Services

With a focus on delicate items, precision and care - our movers in Edmonton excel in providing the best and most professional White Glove Services around. Fragile handling and high-end protection are paramount in our luxury relocation solutions. Our sensitive care guarantees special attention to every detail, ensuring a worry-free experience. We offer the complete package from disassembly, packing, moving, unpacking, and reassembly so you don't have to touch a thing - we'll even stage your home if you provide us a new floor plan. Trust us for a move that prioritizes you, and the safety and security of your belongings.

Moving Help

Sometimes our customers wish to organize and direct the moving project. But, it's not always easy finding helpful movers in Edmonton. That's why we offer moving labourers to help take the load off you and your volunteers. Just tell us when and where to be in Edmonton and our strong moving guys will show up with moving supplies, gear, and boxes if needed. Not to mention, by using our moving helpers you'll get expert advice and solutions to any of your moving issues. We can aid your move for outdoor projects, provide event assistance, business event support, and logistic solutions.

Professional Moving Services

Good Men Moving provides professional Edmonton moving services and excels in a variety of relocation needs, including senior home, residential, commercial, and specialty moves. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, expert handling, secure storage, hassle-free, and tailored solutions. We give transparent pricing and have a customer-centric approach to further our strive for excellence and customer care.
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Your Edmonton Moving Company
Working With Us

When you phone us and start working with us, we'll provide you detailed guidance and support during your move. Our team handles your possessions with utmost care, utilizing efficient and safe techniques. From the initial packing stage to transporting your items to the new location, we will oversee the entire moving process to make it a great experience.

Getting Ready For Your Move

Our knowledgeable team provides packing supplies and materials to you for a smooth shift to your new home. We take care of the logistics, from dismantling and reassembling furniture to loading and unloading services, so you can concentrate on getting ready for your new space.
To help make sure you're ready for us and for your big move, we've put together a moving checklist:

Moving Company Checklist

1. Make an inventory

Completed   Yes   |   No


2. Donate unwanted items

Completed   Yes   |   No


3. Collect moving supplies

Completed   Yes   |   No


4. Submit a change of address form

Completed   Yes   |   No


5. Research items that can't be moved

Completed   Yes   |   No


6. Arrange for storage if needed

Completed   Yes   |   No


7. Start packing 3-4 weeks ahead of time

Completed   Yes   |   No


8. Make minor home repairs

Completed   Yes   |   No


9. Notify relevant parties before the move

Completed   Yes   |   No


10. Call an expert mover - Good Men Moving - to help with the move :)

Completed   Yes   |   No


Moving Your Items With Care

Whether you do the packing or don’t have time and would like our team to do it for you, we can get your items packed and moved with care. We will have our friendly strong moving experts show up on time with all the proper equipment to pad and protect all of your belongings and treat them as if they were our own.

The Moving Process | From Packing -> to Truck -> to New Location

Arriving punctually with a well-prepared team and multiple trucks, we quickly evaluate the most appropriate loading sequence for your belongings, from packing to trucks, and to the new destination. We take precautions to make sure items are safe, like putting flat surfaces face to face, while our loading strategy maximizes space.

Unpacking suggestions are given for a smooth changeover, and truck organization is optimized. Once at the new place, we can provide a furniture and appliance arrangement according to your preferences.

Your boxes will be unloaded from our trucks and carefully placed in the correct room or area of your home. We do all the assembly, even as far as hanging TVs - it’s totally up to the customer's desire!

Benefits of Hiring the Best Edmonton Moving Company

Stress-Free Movers | 24/7 Movers

Reliable Moving Team

  • We handle your items with care
  • We do everything we can to provide a stress-free moving experience
  • We have a customer-focused approach

Over 25 Years of Moving Experience

  • We provide customized moving solutions
  • We use efficient packing and unpacking practices
  • We have seasoned knowledge in moving techniques

Moving FAQs

Got more moving questions for us? Call or message our moving expert.

Are we licensed and insured?

Yes we are licensed and have the best insurance in the industry.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely no hidden costs with us. We are upfront and transparent with everyone and we believe in treating people with kindness and respect.

How much experience do you have?

All of our team of experts have been in the moving industry for 25+ years.

Moving Company in Edmonton, Alberta

We know finding a moving company you can trust is hard, that is why Good Men Moving is a company who will do the move professionally and at a fair price. We strive to make our quotes as transparent as possible to make sure everyone is on the same page. We are a moving company in edmonton that can take the stress completely off of your shoulders - that is why we are here, to help you!

There is no move too big or too small, our team of experts have done it all. We’ve moved Google offices in Edmonton, celebrities, and your typical one-bedroom apartment. We treat everyone with kindness, and we proudly back our moves with a full customer satisfaction guarantee.
A 24/7 Moving Company...

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